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How to take a photo with lotus flowers

Lotus – a symbol of divine beauty
Throughout these really hot days of June, travelers can see so many colorful lotus flowers bloom in a lot of ponds around Hanoi, cooling the hot summer air of the capital city. Travel to Hanoi with Indochina tours Vietnam to take a photo lotus flowersNot only being called the flower of the dawn, lotus in a Vietnamese famous folk poem is also described as the most charming one in the pond. The elegance of the lotus is an important source of inspiration of many Vietnamese poets and the theme of many Vietnamese folk songs. This flower closes and sinks under water at night and rises and opens again at dawn.

Lotus – Vietnam’s national flower

Lotus – Vietnam’s national flower

Lotus – Vietnam’s national flower – source: internet

Vietnamese love lotus so much that this kind of flower is awarded with the title the country’s national flower. One of the criteria for this voting result was the popular presence of lotus in many Vietnamese localities. It would be almost impossible to go to Vietnam during lotus season without coming across a pond or lake filled with them.

As the lotus flower brings light and beauty from the gloomy darkness of the bottom of the pond, Vietnamese may think about the lotus flower and how naturarlly triumphant it was when their mind is muddied with sorrow and their thoughts of hope are swamped with doubt.

During June – when lotus flower season hits, the West Lake area is covered with the blooms, which hold special significance to Vietnamese people, to whom, lotus, along with bamboo, pine, and chrysanthemum, is ranked as one of the four most graceful plants.

As lotus is the flower which grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty, it is considered as the symbol of optimism, serenity, commitment, purity for the future, knowledge, richness, wealth, fertility, serenity, grace, beauty, majesty, etc anything really positive.  tours in Vietnam

Around the banks of West Lake are four large ponds filled with lotus flowers. One is close to the waterpark and the other are located along its northern bank. If riding a bike around the lake, you should not miss them.

Lotus – a symbol of divine beauty

Lotus – a symbol of divine beauty

Lotus – a symbol of divine beauty – source: internet

In the early morning, elderly ladies sail their boats to cut the most beautiful flowers ready for selling later on that day. In the middle day, groups of girls and young lovers dressed up in the traditional ao dai scoot along to the huge lotus ponds for both amateur and professional photo shoots. Bridges jutting out into the ponds have been put up by enterprising land — or pond — owners and there are also charge for the privilege of taking photos out on small boats among the flowers or on the bridge.

The pink and white color flowers with pink being regarded as the supreme of all lotuses, are most commonly seen in the ponds and on the streets of Hanoi.

Best places to admire lotus in Hanoi

Ho Tay is the best place to admire lotus flower in Hanoi

Ho Tay is the best place to admire lotus flower in Hanoi – source: internet

Traveling around the city, especially at the western end of Yen Phu Street, you can see flower vendors with their bicycles selling bunches, wrapped in a lotus leaf, all which makes for an amazing photo opportunity. Priced at around 30,000 VND a bunch, they are not too expensive, however, they die very soon after blooming. There are also the dried seed heads for sale, which look like the spouts of watering cans and make a contemporary plus to the colorful flower displays.

Not only having a beautiful appearance and a great fragrance, lotus flowers also have other uses: the lotus seeds are eaten raw, dried or boiled; the stamens can be dried and made into an herbal tea and the young stems are used in salads. The sweet soup is incredibly tasty.

Hanoi Westlake – best place to take photo with lotus

Take photo with lotus flowers

Take photo with lotus flowers – source: internet

In lotus blossom season from around mid-May to mid-July, the Westlake (Ho Tay) in Hanoi becomes really busy, crowded and bustling. Nevertheless, standing in front of a huge lotus pond, both Hanoians and travelers can always find a space of peace and fresh feelings which reduce all the stress and sadness of their daily life.

Going straight ahead to West Lake’s lakeside road, one can eventually catch sights of lovely girls wearing all types of clothes from colorful mini-skirts to the Vietnamese traditional ao dai, creating the consistently lively beauty of the lotus pond. Moreover, you can take advantage of a whole service leasing equipments such as Yem (a unique ancient Vietnamese bodice), lotus bouquets and small boats for photo shoots at reasonable prices. The best photo is taken when you happily smile and naturally react with flowers.

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