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What you should know to travel in Vietnam during National Day September 2nd

Flight ticket to Vietnam

The Independence Day, which mostly originally led to the birth of the country, is an important and meaningful political, historical and cultural event associated with the current status of a country. indochina travel vietnam Similarly in Vietnam, the origin of this day tracks back to September 2nd, 1945, when thousands of Vietnamese people gathered at Ba

A visit to Hanoi in July

Fresh” scene in Hanoi in July

Don’t letthe fact that Hanoi is in Southeast Asia make you fooled and think T-shirts and shorts are great to go all year round. There are four seasons a year in Hanoi, and this city is in the northern hemisphere meaning that December marks the beginning of the chilly winter and around July and August,

5 reasons why you should try Vietnam cuisine

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese cuisine is gaining popularity in the world after years of having national dishes among the world’s 100 best foods. Unlike Chinese food which can be fattening with overly strong flavor, Vietnamese cuisine is lighter with a big portion dedicated to fresh herbs and greens. Here are the 5 reasons why you should try Vietnamese

New rice – Ceremony of the M’Nong

New rice - Ceremony of the M’Nong

The M’nong have many branches living mainly in Dac Nong, Dac Lac, Binh Phuoc, and Lam Dong province. Luong Thanh Son, Director of the Dac Lac Museum of Ethnicity, says: “The M’nong are categorized by their cultural characters and habitats. The M’nong Rlam live near water and grow wet rice. The M’nong Bu Dong are