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Highlight of Vietnam_12 colorful flower seasons

Hoa gao nowadays with a modern high school girl
If it is easy to recognize cherry blossom and mickey-mouse as queens of January, Hoa Sua as a princess of February, it is harder to tell who the most beautiful one is in March. Since this month is the time of many pretty flowers, I think I can only choose some outstanding candidates based on my perspective.  Vietnam travel tours
Hoa Gao

Hoa Gao in an old village

Hoa Gao in an old village- source: internet

Hoa Gao is the classic one. It is especially common on the folk tales and traditional songs in the Northern Vietnam. Hoa gao is often attached to Vietnamese woman in the past, when social constraints still limited the woman development. The image of this red flower stands for them, intelligent and diligent women who usually sacrificed their lives to their husbands and children. Currently, Hoa Gao has gradually disappeared in many streets, and the role of women also has changed. They are stronger and more open-minded. Though there are some mums, daughters who do not know how to take care of themselves when spending too much time looking after others. I hope that gender discrimination will phase out, and the sad songs related to Hoa gao and woman destiny will be only in the past.

If you want to see this tree in person, there is still one growing on the bank of Sword Lake, Hanoi. It is an old one but still beautiful. Sometimes, when I am tired, I often go there, look at those “little flames”. I think the burning red flower can tell me what to do as a strong woman in the 21st century.

Hoa gao nowadays with a modern high school girl

Hoa gao nowadays with a modern high school girl- source: internet

There is also a modern song mentioning the image of Hoa Gao. Its name is “Chi toi”, which literally means that “My sister”. It is an emotional song with touching lyrics about a girl who has a tough life. You can search internet to hear that song. I highly recommend it. Indochina travel Vietnam

Hoa Ban

If Hoa Gao is a symbol of Vietnamese women in the past, Hoa Ban represents for the lively and strong spirit of Northern mountainous areas. If you know about Vietnamese war, I bet you have heard about Dien Bien Phu battle. This flower comes from that land, so it is understandable to know why it has such power. Being told about its meaning, I used to think that this tree will have a strong appearance like a bamboo or some mighty ones in big forest. However, I was quite surprised when looking at it the first time.

Hoa Ban in Northern West Vietnam

Hoa Ban in Northern West Vietnam- source: internet

power to live in the poorest soil and still flourish. Its leaves has a special shape. I think it might be the sweet combination between heart and circle. To me, it looks like a heart full of happiness and love.

The flower has many kinds of colors, from white, dark pink to light purple. Nowadays, it is planted in many places besides its original hometown. The Hanoian council members have brought this flower to many parts of the capital. You can see it in Sword Lake, next to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum or even in Lenin Park.

In March, many people will gather in Bac Son Street to take many photographs with this pretty flower. I used to make 1 album with Hoa Ban, and now every time flicking through these paper, I am always smiling. I hope that you can have a nice photo album with Hoa Ban as well, and also I hope that every time you remember that moment, you can feel happy like I do.

Anyway, again, to deeply understand the beauty of those flowers, you should experience in person. Travelling to Vietnam will give you the perfect chance to enjoy these bright flowers. There will be more article continuing this topic, so please look forward! 9 months with many special and pretty flowers are waiting for you to discover.

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