How to get from Can Tho to Hanoi | Explore SonDoong Cave

How to get from Can Tho to Hanoi

Bus from Can Tho to Hanoi

Being the biggest city of the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam, with its gifted lush fruit gardens and stunning landscapes, Can Tho is an attractive destination that you should not miss to visit in your trip in Vietnam. While Tthe Northern Vietnam, which has unique culture, is always appealing to tourists, Hanoi, the capital city at the age of over 1.000 years, is the desired destination of not only Vietnamese but also foreign travelers.Now, it is much simpler to travel from southern provinces, especially Can Tho to Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam. Hereunder are some highly recommended means of transport for you to travel from Can Tho to Hanoi. You can read more:  Mekong river cruise reviews

Fly from Can Tho to Hanoi

Flight from Can Tho to Hanoi

Flight from Can Tho to Hanoi- source: internet

The direct flight from Can Tho to Hanoi should be the fastest and the most convenient way to get to your destination. Tra Noc (Trà Nóc) Airport or Can Tho International Airport (VCA) is situated at Le Hong Phong street, Tra An ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City. The distance from there to Can Tho City is about 8 Km. The airport in Hanoi named Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) is about 40 Km from Hanoi Center. To get from the airport to the city center, passengers can catch a taxi inside airport such as Mai Linh taxi (Green), Noi Bai taxi (Yellow), etc.

The calculated flying distance from Can Tho to Hanoi is equal to 759 miles which is equal to 1222 km and a flight trip covering this route is 2 hour 10 minutes. There are 3 flights daily from Can Tho to Hanoi: 2 by Vietnam Airline (one takes off at 10.20 AM and lands at 12.30 PM and another takes off at 5.05 PM and lands at 7.15 PM) and 1 by Vietjet Air (takes off at 1.50 PM and lands at 4 PM). Expect from VND 599,000 to 2,680,000 ($26-117) (without VAT) for a flight from Can Tho to Hanoi.

Leave Can Tho city center and arrive early enough (at least 2 hours before the departure time) at Can Tho airport, IATA code: VCA, to check in your luggage for the flight to Hanoi (Noi Bai International HAN airport), operated by Vietnam Airlines or VietJet Air. tripadvisor mekong river cruises

By train

Train from Saigon to Hanoi

Train from Saigon to Hanoi- source: internet

If you want to travel to Hanoi by train, firstly, you have to catch an express bus to get from Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh City Railway Station, located at No 01, Nguyen Thong, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. Phuong Trang (FuTa Bus Line) and Thanh Buoi are popular brands of express bus. The duration is about 3.5-4 hours and the price is around VND 100.000 – 160,000 (US$4.4-7) per person. A train ride from Saigon to Hanoi takes 34 hours and costs US$55-97, depending on the type of seat you choose.

By bus

Bus from Can Tho to Hanoi

Bus from Can Tho to Hanoi- source: internet

Few years ago, if you wanted to get to Hanoi from Can Tho by bus, you had to go to Ho Chi Minh City and catch bus from there to Hanoi. Now, it is much easier. You can catch direct bus from Can Tho to Hanoi at Can Tho bus station, located at 91B Road, Nguyen Van Linh, Hung Loi Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City or Hung Vuong bus station, located at 01 Hung Vuong, Thoi Binh, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City. There are 4 buses daily from Can Tho to Hanoi: Hoang Long, Hong Huan, Tam Hong at Can Tho bus station and Ha Loan at Hung Vuong bus station. All of them leave Can Tho in the late afternoon (5 PM or 5.30 PM) and head to Nuoc Ngam bus station, Giai Phong, Hoang Mai, Hanoi. The price is from VND 900,000 to 950,000 ($39-41). The trip is from 25 hours to 48 hours.

By motorbike/bike

Travel from Can Tho to Hanoi by motorbike

Travel from Can Tho to Hanoi by motorbike- source: internet

For adventure lovers, getting to Hanoi from Can Tho by motorbike or bike will be an ideal option. By following the Highway 1A which goes through all provinces from North to South in Vietnam travelers can get Hanoi from Can Tho. Thanks to modern technology of GPS, you will have no difficulty finding the detail route in Google Map.

It is no doubt that it takes you more time to get from Can Tho to Hanoi by motorbike or bike. However, the chance of sightseeing on the road and meeting local people is well worth your try. Because of the long distance of nearly 2.000km between Can Tho and Hanoi, people, except backpacking, rarely choose to go by motorbike or bike.

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