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Discover Trang An in a day

Bich Dong pagoda in Trang An complex
Anyone who decides to plan a visit to Vietnam must obviously catch sight of Halong Bay on the list. Yet, they might not know about the terrestrial Halong Bay which is located about 100 km away from the capital. It is Trang An, a fascinating location that arrests a huge number of tourists every year.
Small boat line by line waiting for tourists in Trang An

Small boat line by line waiting for tourists in Trang An- source: internet

Trang An complex is well-known for its majestic beauty that is endowed by mother nature. The complex offers tourists with spectacular limestone hills, intriguing caves and a mass area of paddy field immense the entire location.  If you are brave enough to conquer any peak around, looking down to the ground, you can picture in your mind a terrestrial Halong Bay. Impressively, the unlimited rice paddy field emerging with the river where rising imposing limestone hills which look exactly how Halong Bay is will undoubtedly overwhelming travelers.

Floating on a small boat around Trang An complex promises memorable experiences

Floating on a small boat around Tràng An complex promises memorable experiences- source: internet

If you are more a person who love to be relaxed in a quiet, peaceful trip, then opt for the cruise around Bich Dong, which is less touristy for sure. Contemplating the gorgeous sceneries, listening to the paddling sound of the boat rider wriggling around guarantee not to disappoint travelers. Interestingly, ask the local woman to try paddling the boat is not a bad idea. Wearing a conical hat, struggling with the boat loaded with several people don’t seem to be easy as how you imagine, we promise. See more: Vietnam holidays

Bich Dong pagoda in Trang An complex

Bich Dong pagoda in Tràng An complex- source: internet

Also, Tam Coc – Bich Dong is more favored by foreigners than local residents because it presents grandiose views but characterized in a more mysterious, quiet atmosphere. Likewise, visiting Bich Dong means that you will have a chance to enjoy the 15th-century architecture of the oldest Buddhist temple in Vietnam. The temple lies on the side of a spectacular limestone hill which offers conquerer a mind-blowing overview. If you can make some effort to climb all the way up to the top of the limestone, here you go, you will be rewarded with a marvelous, imposing scenery below your feet with immense rice paddy field, unended river, and spectacular mountains all around.

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