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How to take a photo with lotus flowers

Lotus – a symbol of divine beauty

Throughout these really hot days of June, travelers can see so many colorful lotus flowers bloom in a lot of ponds around Hanoi, cooling the hot summer air of the capital city. Travel to Hanoi with Indochina tours Vietnam to take a photo lotus flowersNot only being called the flower of the dawn, lotus in

5 reasons why you should try Vietnam cuisine

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese cuisine is gaining popularity in the world after years of having national dishes among the world’s 100 best foods. Unlike Chinese food which can be fattening with overly strong flavor, Vietnamese cuisine is lighter with a big portion dedicated to fresh herbs and greens. Here are the 5 reasons why you should try Vietnamese

The best reasons to travel Sapa for you

Sapa love market

Beautiful natural sceneries, cool climate, diverse culture and many delicious food are the best reasons why Sapa tourism becomes attractive to both domestic and foreign travelers. If you do not know where to go, please refer to this article. You can see more: Tours on Indochina to get more information about Sapa Beautiful natural sceneries: The

What to do in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh in May

One of the other remarkable attractions of Ninh Binh I would like recommend you is Phat Diem Cathedral – a solemn and interesting architectural complex, commonly known as Stone Cathedral of Phat Diem or Stone Church of Phat Diem, is a famous catholic destination for tourists in Viet Nam. Through many years, this is the

If you get hungry in Hanoi

Fresh spring rolls

With the interwoven alleys of the maze-like Old Quarter offering up a marvelous range of steaming local dishes, Hanoi, which offers some of the best street food in Southeast Asia, is a street food paradise. Venture beyond the crowded Old Quarter and you can find even more dishes ranging all the way from bún chả,

Tips to avoid the heat when traveling Southeast Asia

Enjoy cool beer

Although each country has different climate, Southeast Asia is located entirely in the tropics. Therefore, the climate is characterized by hot and humid weather throughout the year, except for two annual monsoons. So before traveling, people who plan to visit Southeast Asia should remember to check the weather and note the following tips to avoid

Travel guide and experience visiting Hoi An

Chua Cau at night- in the centre of the town

Hoi An is one of places that I want to come back after visiting. In the period from February to April, it the best time to come to Hoi An because of the comfortable weather and not much rain. Why don’t you have a plan to visit Hoi An ancient town in the coming holidays

How to choose the best restaurant in Quang Binh

Coffee in Quang Binh

As there are plenty of restaurants to visit for a satisfying taste of traditional Vietnamese favorites, as well as international cuisines in Quang Binh, travelers visiting this province will have no difficulty finding good places to for meal. As expected, almost restaurants in town are situated in Dong Hoi, the capital of Quang Binh. Thanks

Enjoy delicious food in Mekong Delta

Coconut candy, the sweetness of Mekong Delta’s delicacies

What to eat in Mekong Delta on the rainy days? Now are you wandering around every local market in the delta to find something good but light to enjoy in the rainy season? Don’t worry since you can find your favorites from the top 3 delicacies in Mekong Delta travel listed below: Pia Cake –

Enjoy delicious food in Son Doong cave, Quang Binh

Travel to Son Doong

Son Doong cave becomes one of the famous destinatons in Vietnam tour packages from 2014. Since the introduction of Son Doong Cave on ABC program of the US – Good Morning America, a lot of questioned are raised about Son Doong Cave- the tours of exploring the biggest cave in the world. Beside, when you