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The best reasons to travel Sapa for you

Sapa love market

Beautiful natural sceneries, cool climate, diverse culture and many delicious food are the best reasons why Sapa tourism becomes attractive to both domestic and foreign travelers. If you do not know where to go, please refer to this article. You can see more: Tours on Indochina to get more information about Sapa Beautiful natural sceneries: The

Saigon’s cuisine offers more than pho

Oc Saigon

Dining in Ho Chi Minh City is not limited only to Vietnamese coffee and worldwide famous pho. In this beautiful city, you can also enjoy rice, noodles, fresh seafood, spring rolls, and meats prepared with a wide array of cooking methods. The best dishes in Saigon are well regarded as savoury, hearty delights and nutritious

What to do in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh in May

One of the other remarkable attractions of Ninh Binh I would like recommend you is Phat Diem Cathedral – a solemn and interesting architectural complex, commonly known as Stone Cathedral of Phat Diem or Stone Church of Phat Diem, is a famous catholic destination for tourists in Viet Nam. Through many years, this is the

cultural and pedagogical space for your children

Detrang Farm - Agritourism opportunity

Deeply imbued with national identity and northern countryside culture such as roof tile houses, lake, market, village gate, banyan tree, grounds for kite flying and buffalo herding and owning beautiful natural scenery with lush forests, rice fields and green lake, De trang Farm in Ba Vi is a cultural and pedagogical space for your children.

How to get from Hoian to Ho Chi Minh City

Bus from Hoian to Danang

Being one of the most peaceful and scenic tourist spots in Vietnam, Hoian, where you can check out shopping and restaurants in the aptmospheric old town, and lovely sandy beach nearby, should be close to the top of your list for Vietnam destinations. You can see more: the best Indochina tours If you want to

Vietnam’s weather in May

A Hanoi’s corner in May

May, the first month of the summer, does not expect too overheated weather. The Southern and Central neighboring cities and provinces may have up to 35 Celcius degree while Northern part of Vietnam sees a mild rise in temperature to about 32 Celcius degree. However, all of Vietnam seems to get more humid which may

Stunning flower villages in Hanoi

Colorful daisies in Tay Tuu

What have you known about Hanoi? The Sword Lake: check. Famous noodles Pho: check. The Old Quarter: check. Egg coffee: check. Crazy traffic: check. Think you have pretty much covered everything? Well, think again. Because there is one thing that you are missing: the stunning flower villages in Hanoi. While it’s true that unlike the

How to get from Can Tho to Hanoi

Bus from Can Tho to Hanoi

Being the biggest city of the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam, with its gifted lush fruit gardens and stunning landscapes, Can Tho is an attractive destination that you should not miss to visit in your trip in Vietnam. While Tthe Northern Vietnam, which has unique culture, is always appealing to tourists, Hanoi, the capital city

Ao Dai – Vietnam Traditional Clothing

Ao Dai is an outfit for all ages

In terms of traditional clothing, if Korean have Hanbok, Japanese have Kimono, Indian have Sari,… Vietnam also have Ao Dai. For generations, Ao Dai has become a beautiful and unique feature of Vietnamese culture. It is indispensable in important events of the nation. Ao Dai makes up the traditional beauty of Vietnamese women in particular,

Enjoy the beauty of bombax ceiba in Vietnam

Bombax ceiba is a special kind of flower in Vietnam

Litterally translated as Rice flower, Hoa Gao, a lovely Vietnamese name for ‪Bombax ‪Ceiba, which is also called by many other beautiful names just as in English, is a charming feature of Vietnam’s rural area. In Vietnam, Rice flowers are blossoming all across the mountains and forests in the Northwest region of Vietnam, associated with