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Best Time to Visit Vietnam Beaches

fascinated beauty of Ancarine beach resort PhuQuoc in Spring

Vietnam generally has a tropical climate, therefore the best time to travel here would be in spring (february to april) and autumn (august to october), when the temperatures are moderate and rainfall is lighter. In the dry season, the perfect weather is suitable for island hopping, diving, and general beach bumming. To get more information, you can click: Travel in Indochina

fascinated beauty of Ancarine beach resort PhuQuoc in Spring

fascinated beauty of Ancarine beach resort PhuQuoc in Spring- source: internet

Hopefully, this list of information will come to you soon in usefulness when you are planning which beaches to hit in Vietnam. And wish you have a good time in our this friendly and peaceful country.

Danang Beach, Da Nang

Danang has ever known as among central fighting area during the Vietnam war in the Vietnam’s history. Today, Danang has become increasingly recognized for its great beaches. The beach is so famous because of its natural beauty. You know, Danang Beach refers to a mammoth stretch of white sand and clear water, and starting from Monkey Mountain to Hoi An with Marble Mountain sitting smack bang in the middle. With white soft sand, crisp sunshine, coconut palm trees and a pristine coral reef, Danang is one of the best beautiful Vietnam beaches for many interesting activities with the sea such as: sunbathing, surfing and scuba diving and travelers love Danang beach a lot. In addition, traveling to Danang is really a good chance for you to have the spectacular beauty of sunsets here. To get more information about beach, you can see: Vietnam travel Online

The beauty of Phu Quoc beach

The beauty of Phu Quoc beach- source: internet

Beach in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc island is the largest one in Vietnam and is also a home of Vietnam’s best beautiful beaches for many years. Phu Quoc and nearby islands, along with distant Tho Chu Islands, is a part of Kien Giang Province in Vietnam. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the district of Phu Quoc comprises of the island proper and 21 smaller islets. Therefore, Phu Quoc beach is an ideal heaven for relaxing, snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition, In case you has interest in the local fishing life, you may travel to Ham Ninh fishing village, where the routine daily fishing work of the locals are available at your observation. Moreover, you will also have a good chance to enjoy the unique aromatic flavor of Phu Quoc fish sauce at a traditional fish sauce factory. Relaxing on Phu Quoc beach and enjoying a sunrise is really wonderful, too. Actually, Phu Quoc island has become an ideal tourism destination for nature and sea lovers.

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Best Time to Visit Vietnam Beaches

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