Explore SonDoong Cave

How to choose the best restaurant in Quang Binh

As there are plenty of restaurants to visit for a satisfying taste of traditional Vietnamese favorites, as well as international cuisines in Quang Binh, travelers visiting this province will have no difficulty More »

Let’s explore Son Doong Cave in March

Being located in one of the most remote areas in Vietnam, Son Doong Cave in Quang Binh has been recognized by a lot of scientists in the world as “The only destination” More »

Enjoy delicious food in Son Doong cave, Quang Binh

Son Doong cave becomes one of the famous destinatons in Vietnam tour packages from 2014. Since the introduction of Son Doong Cave on ABC program of the US – Good Morning America, More »

Son Doong is attracive travellers to visit

Son Doong is attractive travellers from all over the world with its perfect photos that have been updated by press and media. Son Doong cave is not simple so travellers need to More »

Places to spend your Christmas night in Hanoi

Christmas has been received much recognition from the local residents although it is not a public holiday in Vietnam. From the beginning of December, all streets in Hanoi are beautifully decorated with More »


Where to go for pork brew in Saigon

Pork meat-dish to try in Saigon

Not only being one of the most popular foods in the world, meat is also familiar with Vietnamese and Saigonese as well. Depending on hobbies, there are a vast of methods to cook meat and one of the most popular meat dishes in Saigon must be pork brew. south vietnam travel What is it? Foreign cuisine

Travel guide and experience visiting Hoi An

Chua Cau at night- in the centre of the town

Hoi An is one of places that I want to come back after visiting. In the period from February to April, it the best time to come to Hoi An because of the comfortable weather and not much rain. Why don’t you have a plan to visit Hoi An ancient town in the coming holidays

Top 5 attractive beaches in Vietnam during summer tourism season

Peaceful life in Phan Thiet

Once chosen as one of the 10 most pristine and quiet beaches in the world, Phu Quoc Island has long been an ideal destination for summer visitors. The blue color of the sea and sky, the yellow color like honey of the sun and the friendly smile of the local people easily make anyone fall

Scams in Hanoi and how to avoid (part II)

Don't let the seller wrap your purchased product out of your sight.

Added Hotel FeesBefore your travel to Ha Noi, you may have booked and even paid for your room online. When you check in, you find out fridge without power connection or air-con is there but no power or remote control. If you want to use these things, you have to pay for an added fee.

Scams in Hanoi and how to avoid (part I)

Mai Linh- The reliable taxi firm to avoid being scammed

It’s not easy to avoid bad tricks or the scams when you travel to a new city or country. Those troubles can happen to you wherever especially touristy places. Ha Noi is where tourists are easily engaged in some negative scams and cheats. mekong boat toursTaxi Drivers Fake taxies or bad taxi drivers are ready out

What to eat in Vietnam


Vietnamese food has become worldwide popular over the past few years. Food lovers may have enjoyed the two best known Vietnamese dishes – bread rolls and spring rolls, but there are uncountable other dishes that make Vietnamese cuisine one of the healthiest cuisines and the most worth trying one in the world. mekong river cruises tripadvisor

Tips for how to catch taxi from Hanoi

Ba Sao taxi in Hanoi

Nowadays, Vietnam become an ideal destination attracting travelers around the world. However, because Vietnam is a developing economy, so the system of traffic is not completed as the developed world. Although, the quality of traffic service in Vietnam is much more improved these day, it’s still not easy way with travelers. Especially with many who

How to choose the best restaurant in Quang Binh

Coffee in Quang Binh

As there are plenty of restaurants to visit for a satisfying taste of traditional Vietnamese favorites, as well as international cuisines in Quang Binh, travelers visiting this province will have no difficulty finding good places to for meal. As expected, almost restaurants in town are situated in Dong Hoi, the capital of Quang Binh. Thanks

Enjoy delicious food in Mekong Delta

Coconut candy, the sweetness of Mekong Delta’s delicacies

What to eat in Mekong Delta on the rainy days? Now are you wandering around every local market in the delta to find something good but light to enjoy in the rainy season? Don’t worry since you can find your favorites from the top 3 delicacies in Mekong Delta travel listed below: Pia Cake –

Son Doong cave in March

Quang Binh’s weather

Situated in central Vietnam, Quang Binh is just like an imposing picture with charming sea, forest and many other landscapes that are very famous as Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Nhat Le seaport, Hac Hai, Cong Troi lagoon, Ly Hoa pass and Ngang pass. Quang Binh treasures of  variety of terrain range from