Explore SonDoong Cave

How to choose the best restaurant in Quang Binh

As there are plenty of restaurants to visit for a satisfying taste of traditional Vietnamese favorites, as well as international cuisines in Quang Binh, travelers visiting this province will have no difficulty More »

Let’s explore Son Doong Cave in March

Being located in one of the most remote areas in Vietnam, Son Doong Cave in Quang Binh has been recognized by a lot of scientists in the world as “The only destination” More »

Enjoy delicious food in Son Doong cave, Quang Binh

Son Doong cave becomes one of the famous destinatons in Vietnam tour packages from 2014. Since the introduction of Son Doong Cave on ABC program of the US – Good Morning America, More »

Son Doong is attracive travellers to visit

Son Doong is attractive travellers from all over the world with its perfect photos that have been updated by press and media. Son Doong cave is not simple so travellers need to More »

Places to spend your Christmas night in Hanoi

Christmas has been received much recognition from the local residents although it is not a public holiday in Vietnam. From the beginning of December, all streets in Hanoi are beautifully decorated with More »


Vietnam’s weather in May

A Hanoi’s corner in May

May, the first month of the summer, does not expect too overheated weather. The Southern and Central neighboring cities and provinces may have up to 35 Celcius degree while Northern part of Vietnam sees a mild rise in temperature to about 32 Celcius degree. However, all of Vietnam seems to get more humid which may

Stunning flower villages in Hanoi

Colorful daisies in Tay Tuu

What have you known about Hanoi? The Sword Lake: check. Famous noodles Pho: check. The Old Quarter: check. Egg coffee: check. Crazy traffic: check. Think you have pretty much covered everything? Well, think again. Because there is one thing that you are missing: the stunning flower villages in Hanoi. While it’s true that unlike the

How to get from Can Tho to Hanoi

Bus from Can Tho to Hanoi

Being the biggest city of the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam, with its gifted lush fruit gardens and stunning landscapes, Can Tho is an attractive destination that you should not miss to visit in your trip in Vietnam. While Tthe Northern Vietnam, which has unique culture, is always appealing to tourists, Hanoi, the capital city

Ao Dai – Vietnam Traditional Clothing

Ao Dai is an outfit for all ages

In terms of traditional clothing, if Korean have Hanbok, Japanese have Kimono, Indian have Sari,… Vietnam also have Ao Dai. For generations, Ao Dai has become a beautiful and unique feature of Vietnamese culture. It is indispensable in important events of the nation. Ao Dai makes up the traditional beauty of Vietnamese women in particular,

Enjoy the beauty of bombax ceiba in Vietnam

Bombax ceiba is a special kind of flower in Vietnam

Litterally translated as Rice flower, Hoa Gao, a lovely Vietnamese name for ‪Bombax ‪Ceiba, which is also called by many other beautiful names just as in English, is a charming feature of Vietnam’s rural area. In Vietnam, Rice flowers are blossoming all across the mountains and forests in the Northwest region of Vietnam, associated with

Tips to avoid the heat when traveling Southeast Asia

Enjoy cool beer

Although each country has different climate, Southeast Asia is located entirely in the tropics. Therefore, the climate is characterized by hot and humid weather throughout the year, except for two annual monsoons. So before traveling, people who plan to visit Southeast Asia should remember to check the weather and note the following tips to avoid

The beauty of Dalat flower city

Tuyen Lam Lake

At the altitude of 1,500-2,000m, Dalat not only has fertile landscape making it one among the premium agricultural areas of Vietnam, producing a wide variety of flowers, vegetables and fruits that cannot be grown in the lowlands, but also is surrounded by some of the best mountain hiking, biking and canyoning opportunities to travel in

4 Interesting Experiences Will Change Your Mind About Hue

Zipline in Hue bring you closer to nature

Hue is not only an ideal destination for a history buff. People often think Hue with an exotic historical charm and a great spot for who want to skip their life a beat. 4 Interesting Experiences Will Change Your Mind About Hue will show you other special beauty corner of Hue with lively and adventureous

Where to go for pork brew in Saigon

Pork meat-dish to try in Saigon

Not only being one of the most popular foods in the world, meat is also familiar with Vietnamese and Saigonese as well. Depending on hobbies, there are a vast of methods to cook meat and one of the most popular meat dishes in Saigon must be pork brew. south vietnam travel What is it? Foreign cuisine

Travel guide and experience visiting Hoi An

Chua Cau at night- in the centre of the town

Hoi An is one of places that I want to come back after visiting. In the period from February to April, it the best time to come to Hoi An because of the comfortable weather and not much rain. Why don’t you have a plan to visit Hoi An ancient town in the coming holidays